City of Aspen Announces Partnership with Lyft to Deliver SHIFT Project Next Summer

The City of Aspen’s SHIFT project, an initiative to test new modes of transportation in and around Aspen in summer 2019, has entered into a public-private partnership with Lyft to provide transit services through the Lyft smart phone app for participants to use for the duration of the 3-month project. The partnership with Lyft will offer a fully integrated transit platform to Aspen that will showcase a modern and unified transit system.

From June 8-September 2, 2019, Aspen’s SHIFT will deliver multimodal transportation services to area residents and visitors through a shared mobility pilot project. SHIFT is designed to address some of Aspen’s traffic congestion by testing new modes of transit integrated through Lyft that will be offered at free or reduced rates to participants.

The Lyft app will offer Aspen residents, commuters, and visitors a multimodal experience that will assist people in booking and using various transit options that include: electric bikes, electric scooters, dog-friendly shuttles from the Intercept Lot and shared ride services.

Features of these transit services that are new to the Aspen area include the option to bring dogs, gear, and tools on free shuttles that will be allowed to travel to Aspen via designated bus lanes, decreasing travel times up and down valley. These shuttles will also travel to destinations that are not currently served by a direct BRT bus, such as the hospital.

On-demand shared rides will be available from the Intercept Lot and around Aspen at a subsidized rate. Dockless electric scooters and electric bikes, owned and operated by Lyft, will also be available for a fee. Users will be able to reserve and pay for all these alternative transportation options available on the Lyft app. In addition, the SHIFT-Lyft partnership will offer increased opportunities for people to sign up to give rides on the Lyft platform.

“Transforming the transit experience is one of the City Council’s top nine goals and we’ve been working toward the SHIFT project for two years,” said Mayor Steven Skadron. “The partnership with Lyft is an incredible opportunity to mobilize Aspen’s in-town and commuter drivers to proactively choose from many viable options other than their personal vehicles. The whole idea of SHIFT is to realize what is possible and set an example for other small size cities. This partnership with Lyft, the country’s leading-edge mobility company, will help provide opportunities for Aspen residents, commuters, and visitors that would not have been possible otherwise.”

“Mayor Skadron shared his vision last year and it had a big impact on our desire to partner with the City to bring to life a vision of integrated, multimodal transportation that we share. We’re honored to play a foundational role to achieve City Council’s goal of reshaping Aspen’s mobility landscape to become less reliant on single-occupancy vehicle trips,” said Jon McNeill, Lyft’s Chief Operating Officer. “Aspen will partner with Lyft to usher in a new era of mobility. Mayor Skadron is a progressive leader with a vision for the positive impact public and private sectors can have when they work together to improve lives through transportation.”

This public-private partnership between the City of Aspen and Lyft will strengthen the SHIFT project and bring valuable services in a one-stop-shop model. More information is available at

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