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Seeing the sights via Jeep, bike, snowshoe, horseback, gondola and by foot provides you with many options for enjoying Aspen’s epic scenery. For extreme outdoor sports including backcountry skiing, paragliding, climbing and white-water rafting, going with a guide is a must.

Four Wheel Drive Roads

Lenado/Kobey Park

Kobey Park - About a 1/4 mile past the Woody Creek Tavern make a sharp right onto Road 18 and drive 10 miles to Lenado. From there continue on the road to Kobey Park.

Lincoln Creek Road

Lincoln Creek Road - Follow Hwy 82 east from Aspen up Independence Road.  The turnoff for Lincoln Creek Road is 11 miles from Aspen on the right.  The road winds back past the Grizzly Reservoir ending in the ghost town of Ruby.

Pearl Pass Road

Pearl Pass Road - Take Castle Creek Road to the point where it becomes dirt.  At the intersection, veer right to start the Pearl Pass Road.  This is second of the two ways to ride over to Crested Butte from Aspen.

Taylor Pass/Express Creek Road

Taylor Pass/Express Creek Road - Located approximately 10 ½ miles up Castle Creek  Road from Hwy 82 on the left.  Taylor Pass Road is one of the two ways to ride to Crested Butte from Aspen.

Little Annie Road

Little Annie Road - Located approximately 7 miles up Castle Creek from Hwy 82 on the left.  Runs into the Richmond Hill Road.

Midnight Mine Road

Midnight Mine Road - Located approximately 2 ½ miles up Castle Creek Road from Hwy 82 on the left.  This road runs up the backside of Aspen Mountain and intersects with Richmond Hill.

Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill - Starts at the top of Aspen Mountain and runs south along the ridge. To access this road, take either the Summer Road, the Little Annie Road, or the Midnight Mine Road. It eventually ends at the Taylor Pass Road.

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