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Aspen Vacation Ideas

Outdoor pursuits, scenic beauty, and an impressive cultural calendar are just the tip of what makes Aspen so special. Browse our itinerary to discover how to make your trip perfect.


Aspen began as a mining and ranching town, so it's only natural that locals and visitors alike are inspired to don cowboy hats and boots. Here are a few suggestions that should help you get back to your western roots.


Into classical? Jazz? How about some rock? You can't get away from music during the summer here even if you wanted to. Our streets are literally filled with musicians. Check out our itinerary.


One of the biggest differences that set us apart from many mountain resorts is our rich history. Want to know a bit about the mining days? Or the wild west? Or how World War II was influential in making Aspen, Aspen? Follow our tips and find out!


Yes, it's possible to be mindful of your budget while visiting Aspen. Here is a list of activities that cost nothing, or close to it. The best things in life are free, aren't they?


If the number of restaurants in Aspen is an indicator of appetite, people here are hungry! With more than 100 eateries in Aspen - old favorites mesh with fresh menus and new talent to provide more than enough culinary options to please any palate.


If you only have one day to spend in Aspen, use this list to check off the "must do" activities. We hope you have much more time to spend here and can spread these exciting experiences out over the course of your vacation.

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