Arts & Culture

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Breathe the air of creativity

At the heart of Aspen’s arts and culture scene is an unwavering commitment to mind, body and
spirit, known as The Aspen Idea. Throughout the year, internationally acclaimed gatherings, art exhibitions, performances, and lectures define the unique culture that can only be found in Aspen.

Arts & Culture

The idea of nurturing the mind, body and spirit has led to the genesis of a remarkable Arts & Culture community that features internationally acclaimed gatherings like the Aspen Ideas Festival, JAS Aspen Snowmass and the FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen, innovators like the Aspen Institute and Aspen Art Museum, and home to a robust performing arts scene, art openings and lectures by talented individuals both local and international.

Few places on Earth are blessed with the remarkable combination of world-renowned natural beauty, arts and culture like you’ll find in Aspen. Once you’re here, you’ll get the idea.

The Aspen Idea

In the late 1940s, Aspen’s modern day founders, Walter and Elizabeth Paepcke, had a vision to make Aspen a destination for those seeking renewal of their mind, body and spirit. This “Aspen Idea” was the driving force behind the creation of the Aspen Institute and Aspen Music Festival & School, and still fuels the internal energy of our mighty mountain town to this day.