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Aspen Snowmass has released the 2020-2021 Chamber Pass pricing!


  • Super Early Deadline is November 13th
  • Premier Chamber Pass $1,799! Savings $600 
  • NEW – No need to visit Aspen Chamber or an Aspen Snowmass ticket office!


STEP 1: Sign-up online for a Chamber Pass.

STEP 2: Pay dues on our member portal or call 970-920-7149.

STEP 3: Check your email and fill out the Aspen Snowmass form and submit to Ski Co. 

Thank you in advance for your patience as we navigate a new digital system in 2020. 


BUSINESS QUALIFICATIONS: To purchase Chamber Passes a business must be located and operated in the Roaring Fork Valley and must be a current member of the Aspen Chamber Resort Association in the community in which the business is operating. The business needs to provide a local mailing address.

OWNER/MANAGER/EMPLOYEE QUALIFICATIONS: Only owners, managers, and employees living in the Roaring Fork Valley (as their primary residence) AND working a minimum of twenty (20+) hours per week during the winter season are eligible for the discounted season pass. Non-working owners, friends, contract laborers, and consultants are NOT eligible. Real estate agents and brokers affiliated with a registered brokerage firm are eligible. ***See audit requirements for more details regarding compliance.

SPOUSE QUALIFICATIONS: Only spouses of owners, managers, and employees living in the Roaring Fork Valley (as their primary residence) are eligible. The owner, manager, and employee must meet the qualifications above for the spouse to qualify. To verify eligibility spouses must be able to provide one of the following legal documents; a Marriage Certificate, Common Law Affidavit, or Civil Union Certificate if audited. ***See audit requirements for more details regarding compliance.

WHERE TO PURCHASE: Chamber pass vouchers must be purchased in person at an Aspen Snowmass ticket office, and the ACRA voucher number must be presented at the time of purchase to verify eligibility.

PAYMENT REQUIREMENTS: Payment to Aspen Skiing Company for all Chamber pass vouchers must be made by company check or company credit card. There is a $10,000 per business limit for credit card purchases per season. Personal credit cards will only be accepted by the business owner whose name appears on the ACRA voucher. Personal checks and cash will not be accepted.

PASS UPGRADES: Chamber Passes may be upgraded by the employee/spouse at the time of voucher redemption. The cost of the upgraded pass is determined by the pricing season in which the initial voucher was purchased. Upgraded passes remain the property of the business, regardless of who pays for the cost of the upgrade.

PASS TRANSFERS: Chamber Passes may be permanently transferred from one employee/spouse of the business to another for a fee of $50. Once transferred, a pass may NOT be transferred back to the same employee/spouse. If a business needs to revoke a pass from an employee/spouse, the business must first inform the employee/spouse that their pass is no longer valid, confiscate the actual pass and then contact Aspen Skiing Company (877-872-7702) so access for that pass can be blocked. In the case of a Premier Pass, the Ikon Base Pass will also be blocked. The business must deliver the season pass to a ticket office or provide the season pass number over the phone or a $20 fee will be assessed. Passes that are not blocked expose the business to a non-compliant audit.

VOUCHER REFUNDS: Unused 2020-2021 Chamber pass vouchers may be returned to Aspen Skiing Company for full refunds through February 12, 2021. Refunds will NOT be provided after February 12, 2021. Once a voucher has been turned into a pass it becomes nonrefundable even if the pass is never used. Chamber pass vouchers should be treated like cash and should be kept in a safe place until redeemed. 

HOW EMPLOYEES REDEEM DISCOUNT PASS VOUCHERS: Owners, Managers, Employees, and Spouses of the business may redeem their Chamber pass voucher at any ticket office, or over the phone if they had a season pass in a previous season and wish to use their existing Aspen Card. They must provide the voucher number over the phone. Once the voucher is redeemed over the phone, that voucher number is inactivated and the voucher should be thrown away to eliminate confusion.

SEASON PASS INSURANCE: Season passes are non-refundable for any reason. Travel Guard’s Multi-Event Insurance plan can provide coverage for events that happen beyond your control. It can help cover your ski pass investment if you need to cancel your season pass or covered reasons before the beginning of the ski season or if other covered unforeseen circumstances arise during the ski season. The insurance may be purchased by either the business or the individual but must be purchased under the passholder’s name. Since Chamber Passes are the property of the business all reimbursements from covered claims will go to the business unless specified differently by the business owner.

CHAMBER PASS AUDIT: Every year in January Aspen Snowmass performs a random audit of 10% of businesses to ensure compliance with the Chamber Pass Program. Businesses that do not submit information at the request of the Chamber or are found to be in noncompliance will incur a fine. Each non-compliant pass must be upgraded to an individual pass at the regular pricing season (which could be a charge of $1,000 for the Premier Pass). Businesses could also have all passes suspended for the duration of the season and/or be ineligible to participate in the Chamber Pass Program in subsequent years. Businesses not in compliance will be audited again the following year. 

Questions on 2019-2020 Chamber Pass voucher credits?

  1. Aspen Snowmass pass holders flexible credits apply towards purchases through April 30, 2021.
  2. The Aspen Snowmass credit for the Chamber Passes purchased is on behalf of the business as an entity and credits have been issued to the business employer.
  3. The refund is a credit voucher number and is automatically applied to your upcoming 2020-2021 purchase. *Not a check or cash.
  4. You may use this credit for purchases made by your business, or transfer it to your employees.

For a detailed breakdown of your business credit via pass holder please contact Aspen Snowmass directly at [email protected] Unfortunately, ACRA does not have access to pass holder details. 

Additional questions? Contact Kathryn Dziedzic @ (970) 920-7149/Text (970) 404-5021 or email, [email protected]