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Chamber Ski Pass Program


The Chamber ski pass products will be announced and go on sale in August 2022 for the 2022-2023 season. The spring pass sale Aspen Skiing Company promotes is for non-Chamber priced products.


For questions regarding already purchased Chamber passes, employee changes, refunds, and unused vouchers contact Aspen Skiing Company direct at [email protected] or 877-872-7702


Digital Process - You do not need to physically visit the ACRA office to secure your passes.

STEP 1: Pay your member dues on the ACRA member portal or call (970) 920-7197.

STEP 2: Complete the ACRA form below indicating how many ski passes you need this season for eligible owners/managers/employees (must work a minimum of 20 hours per week during the winter season, receive a W2, and whose primary winter residence is in the RFV) and spouses of eligible owners/managers/employees. Designate your business contact who will manage your Chamber ski passes.

Once ACRA verifies your dues and all outstanding invoices have been paid, we will confirm your eligibility with Aspen Skiing Company for the Chamber Ski Pass Program.

STEP 3: ACRA will provide you a link within two business days to the digital Aspen Skiing Company SmartSheets form. Fill out the form, including the total number and type of passes your business wishes to purchase, as well as your preferred method of payment and click SUBMIT. You must review and agree to all guidelines, including the Chamber Ski Pass Audit, to be eligible for the discounted Chamber passes.

STEP 4: The designated business representative will receive details from Aspen Skiing Company based on the selected payment method. The representative needs to pay for the passes (using a business account or owner's credit card) prior to the September 17 deadline. After successful payment, the designated business representative will receive the final voucher numbers from Aspen Skiing Company for distribution to eligible employees and spouses of eligible employees.

Additional questions? Contact ACRA Membership (970) 920-7197 or [email protected]


2021-2022 Chamber Pass Guidelines

ASC Letter to ACRA Chamber Businesses

Click for more information from Aspen Snowmass




Chamber Ski Pass Sign Up

Owner/Manager Name (designated ski pass contact)
Designated ski pass contact
Designated ski pass contact
i.e., Owner, Manager, HR Manager, HR Controller/Director
The best number for ASC to reach you
Physical street address
No P.O. Boxes
2021-2022 Chamber Ski Pass Pricing


Chamber Pass Audit

Every year in January Aspen Snowmass performs a random audit of 10% of businesses to ensure compliance with the Chamber Pass Program. Businesses that do not submit information at the request of the Chamber or are found to be in noncompliance will incur a fine. Each non-compliant pass must be upgraded to an individual pass at the regular pricing season (which could be a charge of $1,300 for the Premier Pass). Businesses could also have all passes suspended for the duration of the season and/or be ineligible to participate in the Chamber Pass Program in subsequent years. Businesses not in compliance will be audited again the following year. 


I already paid my dues. Now what?

Great, thank you! Complete the ACRA form indicating how many ski passes you need this season and designate your business contact who will manage your ski passes for your business.

How many ski passes is my business eligible for this year? 

Put the maximum number of passes you want on the form. If you need to increase your ACRA dues or add more passes, we will contact you. 

I submitted the ACRA form and now I need more passes. What do I do?

Resubmit the ACRA form with the number of additional passes you need. (i.e., you initially requested three and now you need four, resubmit the form requesting one pass.) We will tally it up and let Aspen Skiing Company know you requested four passes. 

I am having issues logging into my member portal.

Email [email protected] or call 970-920-7197. We will assist in resetting your user ID and password.

I have questions about a specific pass holder/employee, refunds, and unused vouchers.

Unfortunately, ACRA does not have access to pass holder details. For questions regarding already purchased Chamber passes, employee changes, refunds, and unused vouchers contact Aspen Skiing Company direct at [email protected] or 877-872-7702

Is my ski pass considered a tax-deductible business expense?

Members should consult with their tax professionals regarding the deductibility of personal and employee ski passes as a business expense. 

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