Local Parking

If you do choose to drive your car to Aspen, we have several parking options.

Aspen's Parking Department is always available to answer questions and help with meters. But, they're also around to monitor and enforce on-street parking programs, which they do very efficiently. Trust us. 

Rio Grande Parking

1. Rio Grande Plaza

We recommend the Rio Grande Parking Plaza, located one block off of Main Street at 425 Rio Grande Place. This parking garage offers affordable, covered parking 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

  • Garage Clearance 7 feet-2 inches. 
  • NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) parking and charging available.
  • For information please call (970) 920-5430.


Rio Grande Plaza Parking Pricing

  • 0-1 Hours $2.00
  • 1-2 Hours $4.00 
  • 2-3 Hours $6.00
  • 3-24 Hours (Daily Max) $12.00 
  • $250.00 Monthly Pass*
  • $150.00 Business Pass
  • $30.00 5-Visit Punch Pass 
  • $60.00 10-Visit Punch Pass                                 
  • Free from 5 pm to 5 am 
  • Free Sundays
  • Free Holidays (except July 4th)         


*available for purchase during booth hours or between 8:30 am and 5 pm at the Aspen Parking Department at 540 E. Main Street.

From the plaza, the free Galena Street Shuttle provides convenient service to Aspen's downtown core and to Aspen Mountain from 8:15 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the winter season. Please consult the linked RFTA schedule for times, or download their app in the app store.


2. Pay & Display

For parking downtown at one of our extraordinary shops, businesses or attractions, you can use the Pay & Display method.

  • In downtown Aspen, you'll see blue signs designating pay stations. Simply insert the appropriate coins or your credit card into the solar-powered meters and you will receive a receipt to be displayed face-up on the driver's side dashboard.
  • You may also utilize Pay By Phone or Flowbird app on your mobile phone. 

Downtown parking is limited to a maximum of 4 hours.

Monday-Saturday enforced 10 am - 6 pm (Sunday and City Holidays Free).

Pay & Display Street Parking Pricing

Off-Season Pricing (April, May, October, November)

10 am - 10:59 am  $2.00/Hour
11 am - 2:59 pm    $4.00/Hour
3 pm - 5:59 pm      $2.00/Hour                                         

Peak Season Pricing - Drive Less Pricing (June - September & December - March)

10am - 10:59 am  $4.00/Hour
11am - 2:59 pm    $6.00/Hour
3pm - 5:59 pm      $4.00/Hour            


The City of Aspen Parking Services Department will allow 15 minutes free parking once a day per vehicle for a quick errand. Go to any Pay & Display meter on the street and get a receipt to display in their car for 15 minutes of parking with no payment necessary. 

  • The parking receipt is required to be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle

  • Purchased parking of 30 minutes or more does not include an additional 15 minutes of parking

  • The 15 minutes free parking is only available for short term needs

  • Each vehicle can only get the free 15 once a day. 

Motorcycles and Scooters park for free when parked at the end of the block within 2 feet of the "No Parking Anytime" sign.

Electric Vehicles and Hybrids can park for free in the residential zones and carpool areas only, not in the downtown meter spaces. These vehicles must get a permit for the free parking from the Aspen Parking Department.


3. Carpool Parking

Carpools of two or more adults, of driving age, are eligible for FREE carpool permits for parking in residential or carpool zones.  

  • Pick up a daily pass at the Parking Kiosk at the Brush Creek Park & Ride.
  • Designated carpool parking spots are located throughout downtown Aspen. 
  • For more information on the carpooling program, call (970) 920-5038.


4. Accessible Parking

Several ADA spaces are available in Aspen. Additionally, ADA permitted vehicles may park in any legal parking space free of charge with no time restrictions.


5. Residential Parking

Residential zones are just outside of the downtown core, offering a convenient parking value. Free 2 hour parking is available in residential zones. Free on Saturdays and Sundays year round. (Only one free 2-hour session/day/zone).

Purchase a full day pass for these zones for $8 at the following places:

For more information on parking options, call the Aspen Parking Department at 970.429.1761, email [email protected] or visit the City of Aspen Parking Website.  


Parking Aspen

*Photos courtesy of the City of Aspen Parking Department

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