Wildfire Safety

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Wildfire Safety

It’s what defines us – the rivers, the mountains, the trees, and the land. The outdoors are the reason Aspen is beloved by people around the world, and we strive to keep the pristine beauty intact for generations to come. 


  • Winter snowpack and springtime runoff directly effects our wildfire risks, which are particularly high in drought years. 
  • When visiting Aspen, we ask that you take note of the wildfire status in the area. Aspen is located in Pitkin County.  
  • Text pitkinalert to 888777 to receive emergency information and alerts. (To customize your alerts visit www.pitkinalert.org) 
  • Never let a campfire burn unattended, and when extinguishing a fire, water it until you can handle the embers. 
  • Use existing fire rings or fire pits. Be aware of low-hanging branches overhead, and never cut lives trees or branches for fires. 
  • Properly extinguish and dispose of cigarettes. 
  • Respect wildfire restrictions. This may mean an evening without grilling, camping without a fire, the inability to smoke cigarettes outdoors and a  celebration without fireworks. 
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Alternate Route Information

Safety information regarding air quality and alternate routes between Aspen and Denver.