Kodah the Dog

Kodah the Dog

I was adopted from the Aspen Animal Shelter by my mom and dad in 2009 when I was just 8 weeks old. I have lived with them ever since.  They think I am a Border Collie, Lab, Pyrenees mix, but it doesn't really matter since I'm so cute!

Kodah's 5 Favorite Things To Do in Summer:

  1. I just love walking on the Rio Grande Trail. I have to wear my leash because there are so many bikers.  Trust me, it's scary to get tangled up with one of those! As soon as I get to Stein Park at the base of Cemetery Lane I can run around and play with other dogs, and sniff out the people's picnics!
  2. I get pretty hot in the summer time so my parents take me to the John Denver Sanctuary to swim & cool off. There is a great swimming hole there. I love to dry off on the grass while my dad reads his book. 
  3. I also like to hike Smuggler with my friend Nell, she is a Golden Retriever. We don't need to wear our leashes on that hike because we listen to our moms really well. Once we get to the top of Smuggler we hike back into the Hunter Creek Trail, but as soon as we hit the meadow we have to put on our leashes - it's the rule mom says! 
  4. My family goes to the Saturday Market each week. I usually wait for them under a tree in the shade because walking through the market is hot, hot, hot on my paws! 
  5. Aspen is one pet-friendly town! Hotelsrestaurants, retailers and even local banks all have amenities specific to dogs traveling with their owners, making Aspen a heavenly spot for man's best friend. 


Kodah's 5 Favorite Things To Do in Winter:

  1. I like to walk around town and greet all the guests and visit my favorite spots that giveaway dog treats: the visitor center and the bank, just to name a few.  Feel free to pet me if you see me around town.
  2. I love to ski! My parents like to go skinning up Buttermilk. Sometimes we go before work, or sometimes we go at night on a full moon. Dogs are only allowed when the ski hill is closed. I follow them up the mountain on our hike, but the fun part is the way down running fast and sliding on the snow, while they ski behind me.
  3. I like to hike Smuggler Mountain at any time of year, and winter is especially fun because I can roll around in the snow on the side of the trail. My mom wears her yak-tracks when it is really snowy and slippery. 
  4. Bernese Boulevard isn’t limited to just Bernese Mountain Dogs! I’m a mutt and have tons of fun over there. There are over 70 km of free trails in the Aspen Nordic trail system and there are 3 dog-friendly trails, so my mom puts on her skis and I just chase after her. It’s probably the only time that I have to run really fast to keep up with her. 
  5. Aspen is one pet-friendly town! Hotels, restaurants, retailers and even local banks all have amenities specific to dogs traveling with their owners, making Aspen a heavenly spot for man's best friend. 
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