7908 Reasons to Spend Local

Support Local Businesses

7908 Reasons to Spend Local

Welcome to Aspen! We can think of 7,908 reasons why you should spend your hard earn dollars locally - these are just a few. When we support our local businesses we are creating unique experiences, stimulating the local economy, being mindful of our carbon footprint, and creating an environment for Aspen to thrive.

Visiting Aspen's Saturday Market, eating at one of our delectable restaurants, perusing our local shops, or peeking into one of our beautiful art galleries are just some ways that you can spend local. We've got music on the streets, parks and fountains for young ones to enjoy, and water bowls and treats for your pups outside almost every store.  

Member Businesses are invested in our community.*

Need proof? Here are just some of our 7908 reasons to shop local: 
  • Member businesses are involved in 65 unique non-profit boards 

  • Local businesses employ 954 year-round employees

  • The average longest employed staff member was 15.5 years - that's some serious local knowledge 

  • Member businesses donate over $1.3M annually 

  • Local businesses spend locally themselves 

  • Many businesses offer free or discounted services or products for locals and incredible customer service 

  • These member businesses actively listen to your suggestions and implement them as soon as possible. 

  • Shopping local reduces your environmental impact

  • For every $100 spent locally $68 stays in our community 

*The above data is compiled from the responses of 76 member businesses.