Sam Axness

Sam Axness Portrait

Sam Axness

Sam Axness is a thrill-seeking adventurer stemming from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, now based in Aspen, Colorado who has embraced the active mountain town lifestyle. His creative eye and ambition to explore have merged with his natural talent behind a camera to convey his experiences in their purest form.


Sam specializes in landscape, outdoor adventure, and product photography. He’s been on a mission to broadcast his active lifestyle with the hopes of inspiring others to venture out of their comfort zones, break the mold, and discover everything this remarkable world has to offer. His photography encapsulates an upbeat yet inquisitive attitude that aligns directly with the adventurous spirit he carries with him day to day.”

Sam's 5 Favorite Things To Do in Summer:

  1. Cool off with a jump into the frigid alpine lakes & rivers.
  2. Climb to the tops of new mountain peaks.

  3. Mountain biking the local trail systems from Aspen to Glenwood.

  4. Catching a sunset from the Ute trail rock.

  5. Drinking a beer & playing corn hole at Highlands Alehouse.


Sam's 5 Favorite Things To Do in Winter:

  1. Exploring new backcountry zones on my splitboard.
  2. Full moon skinning for fresh corduroy.

  3. Hiking the Highland bowl to snowboard Be One or Steep ‘N Deep.

  4. Ending the day with a Sneaky's tree run at Snowmass.

  5. Hut trips with laughs & cozy fires.

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