How to Social Distance in the Mountains

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Maintaining a regular exercise routine is important for physical and mental health, especially while we are spending extra time at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Here in Aspen, we are fortunate to have a plethora of activities to do in nature including uphilling, hiking, running, etc. While we are lucky to have these different forms of exercise that connect us to nature, it’s crucial that we practice social distancing so that this recreational and mental health outlet doesn’t get taken away from our community. Here are a few tips on how to social distance while exercising in the mountains.


- Keep a minimum 6-foot distance between yourself and other individuals. For reference, 6 feet is about the same size as one of your skis.

- When running or uphilling, look ahead and pace yourself when necessary so you can work out how to keep a 6-foot distance between yourself and others.

- Think carefully about where you go and prioritize avoiding crowds. If you see a full parking lot or congregating crowds, head to an alternative less crowded area.

- When possible, plan your workouts at a less popular time. Early in the morning or later in the afternoon are good options.

- Instead of planning your activity at more popular Aspen spots such as Tiehack or Smuggler, try more isolated trails. Independence Pass, East of Aspen Trail, and Ashcroft are a few good alternatives.

- Avoid activities with higher risk such as backcountry skiing. Hospitals are currently overwhelmed and it's vital for people who don't need emergency care to avoid taxing their resources further. 

- Try isolated workouts or limit your group to two outdoor partners. This will help prevent crowding on various Aspen locations. When working out alone, text a friend and let them know where you’ll be and for how long.

- Stay sanitary. Wash your hands before, during, and after you go. Avoid touching rails or any other object during your activity.

- Get your workout in from home. Various Aspen studios have been hosting virtual classes so you can still get your sweat in without the risk of infecting others. Checkout classes from Shakti, O2 Aspen, and Pure Barre to name a few.


If anyone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms or tested positive, stay home and avoid a potential spread.

For more COVID-19 resources click here.

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