Aspen Gay Ski Week is a week-long celebration taking place Jan. 14-21 2024 on and off the slopes with events such as comedy shows, retro pool and dance parties, a film series, and, of course, skiing on all four mountains. We caught up with the experts of Men’s Vows for tips on making Aspen Gay Ski Week the best week ever:

1. Dress It Down

No matter Aspen’s glamorous reputation, Aspen is at its heart, a laid-back mountain town, especially during the winter. There is not a restaurant, club or lobby lounge where you’ll feel “under-chic” in jeans and a parka, but rest assured you can also rock the latest couture look and no one will bat an eye. Well, except for you in that fabulous outfit!  

If you’re going mountain casual or après-ski chic, make sure you bring layers. Aspen’s winter sun can get toasty, even at 8,000 feet, but once that sun tucks in for the night, Aspen is every shade of chilly. Make sure you’ve got your down or your shearling to head outside, and get ready to shed your pullovers and shirts once you’re inside and reveling.

2. Sip Lightly

When headed to a town renowned for its nightlife, it’s natural to want to imbibe and indulge, especially on the first night.  However, most of us are traveling from much lower elevations and the first day at altitude will take a toll on even the fittest bodies and most seasoned drinkers. We would strongly recommend that while you may want to get the party started as quickly as possible, you apply that age-old strategy for your first night: cocktail – water – cocktail – water – cocktail – water.  Follow suit and you’ll avoid a hangover that will make snowboarding the next day feel waterboarding! Know before you go-check out these additional tips for getting adjusted to the altitude.

3. Head Off Piste

With some of the best skiing in North America, it is difficult to imagine not hitting the slopes each and everyday.  However, this mountain community has a lot of amazing outdoor adventures beyond Aspen Mountain.  Snowshoeing or nordic skiing are two terrific ways to enjoy the outdoors and Aspen’s extraordinary scenery. And, speaking of scenery, the Aspen Art Museum is world-class. But don’t forget that a quiet stroll through Aspen’s stunning Victorian neighborhoods can make for a restorative afternoon before your rollicking evening.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to come back in the summer!  If you think Aspen is spectacular in the winter, you should see it in the summer.  Perfect temperatures, fewer clothes, and unending activities for everyone from the cerebral to the adrenaline junky. 

Click here for the full schedule of events happening this week!

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