Guest Blogger Series: Aspen Yogi

Aspen's yoga community is constantly growing with new studios, events, teachers, and students. Newcomer Steph Winsor is a Blissology-trained yoga instructor and Key Leader at Aspen's new lululemon athletica store. Check out Steph's thoughts on yoga in Aspen below. 


ACRA: How would you describe Aspen's yoga community?

Steph: I find Aspen's yoga community to be grounded, spiritual, therapeutic and most of all, inspiring. For such a small place it boasts a lot of big names and a huge heart!

ACRA: Aspen is known for its active residents and visitors, how does yoga support an active lifestyle?

Steph: Yoga helps a body in motion, stay in motion. By decreasing internal stress and increasing strength and flexibility, yoga allows athletes to feel better and decrease the chance of injury.

ACRA: What is your favorite style of yoga?

Steph: There are many styles of yoga to love, but I am particularly partial to my teacher Eoin Finn of Blissology. This movement is rooted in a practice that connects us with nature and love.

ACRA: Where do you shop in town for yoga apparel and accessories?

Steph: I work for lululemon athletica, so I love shopping there, but the Shakti Shala will also have an amazing selection of clothing and other awesome finds! Their buyer, Ramsey, has a very creative style.

ACRA: What studios around town help makeup the Aspen yoga community?

Steph: There are many incredible studios in town; King Yoga (in ABC), 02 on Main Street, The Aspen Club, Arjuna, and soon Jayne Gottileb will open her doors at the Shakti Shala, which you won't want to miss!

ACRA: Do you have any favorite outdoor yoga venues?

Steph: I love practicing at Smuggler Park as it overlooks all of town, but I also really enjoy free yoga at the Sundeck (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:20 a.m.) on top of Aspen Mountain because I can never give up when dreaming at the sight of the Highland Bowl.

For more information on pilates, personal trainers and yoga in Aspen, click here.

Photo by Dominik Wycislo on Unsplash

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