Wedding Wednesday: Bluebird Productions

This Wedding Wednesday we caught up with Virginia Edelson, owner of Bluebird Productions, a full-service event planning and management firm based in Aspen.


ACRA: How did you decide to become a wedding planner?

Bluebird: I founded Bluebird Productions after working for several years as a catering events manager at The Little Nell. I wanted to get my fingers into each and every element of an event from the budget to the design to the contract negotiations to calming down the bride on the day of! I love how wedding planning is the perfect mix of creativity, an insane level of organization, and the ability to think of and execute plans A-Z. 


ACRA: What makes Aspen the perfect wedding destination?

Bluebird: Aspen is an ideal location for a wedding for so many reasons! Not only is Aspen one of the most beautiful locations in the world, but it is relatively easy to get to and once here, it has an endless supply of things to do. We have amazing activities for every outdoor enthusiast and shopping and galleries galore for those wanting to spend their time in town. The resources available to guests in our little town are endless. 


ACRA: What are some of your favorite wedding color schemes, themes, and trends?

Bluebird: I love for a weddings overall feel and its details to be representative of a couple. Trends and colors come and go but the personality and uniqueness of each couple will last forever. Weddings should be just that: a representation of the couple and it should have a look and feel that provides a level of timelessness to the couple. With that said, I personally love muted tones and loose organic feeling florals.


ACRA: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Bluebird: The most rewarding part of my job happens at each event when you can see the culmination of the months of planning and all of the beauty in action. When every element comes together perfectly for a client and the client is beyond thrilled, I know we have done our jobs well.


ACRA: What else would you like people to know about your job/career?

Bluebird: Event planning is a unique profession. In part we are a psychologist, in part a personal assistant, in part a designer and most importantly, an advocate for our clients. Oftentimes people only think about the “fun and glamorous” items associated with event planning. Event planning is like any other business though where we must manage items like budget, human relations issues, marketing and PR, technology and more! 


ACRA: What makes your company stand out above others?

Bluebird: Although we take pride in our services offered at Bluebird Productions, it’s all about finding the right fit for each client, and fortunately Aspen has an abundance of planners for every budget and personality type

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