Wedding Wednesday: Historical Wedding Venues

The town of Aspen boasts several beautiful wedding venues, but some of the most unique spaces are the Aspen Historical Society (AHS) properties. We asked Christine Benedetti, AHS Marketing Director, about the perks of having a wedding at a historical Aspen site. 

AHS wedding 

ACRA: What space options do you offer for both indoor and outdoor weddings?

AHS: We have three sites for special outdoor events:

• The Wheeler/Stallard Museum: The Wheeler/Stallard Museum is an architectural jewel, sitting on its own city block surrounded by swaying cottonwoods. Guests can create their own Victorian garden party or tent the lawn for a more lavish affair. Up to 250 guests.
• The Holden/Marolt Mining & Ranching Museum: Rustic charm meets Aspen history, with this unique property offering views of the surrounding mountains, Castle Creek and more. Throw on some cowboy boots and serve barbecue for a Western-themed rehearsal dinner or put up a clear tent and soak in the site of what was once a bustling mill in Aspen. Up to 200 guests.
• Ashcroft Ghost Town: An old ghost town steeped in local history makes the quintessential setting for a Rocky Mountain wedding. Just up the road is the Pine Creek Cookhouse, great for a high-alpine reception. Up to 150 guests for ceremony only.

ACRA: What special amenities do you make available to the bride and groom on their special day?

AHS: When having a wedding at one of our sites, guests can also have access to the museum ¬- Wheeler/Stallard or Holden/Marolt - as a value-added experience for visitors to learn about local history.

Both museum properties have interior spaces for the wedding parties to get ready. And, when getting married with the Aspen Historical Society, brides and grooms can expect a day-of staff member to take care of last-minute details and ensure a smooth operation.

ACRA: How does your venue embody Aspen culture and spirit?

AHS: The Aspen Historical Society IS culture and spirit. Our sites bring our town's rich history to life. The Wheeler/Stallard Museum and Holden/Marolt Mining & Ranching Museum are registered historic sites and offer up authentic charm that few venues in Aspen can rival. Our venues give guests a sense of place and time in terms of Aspen's unique history.

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