Guest Blogger Series: Saturday Market Vendors

Aspen's Saturday Market is known for offering a wide array of produce from local farms, artisanal crafts, and delicious food. We caught up with local vendors about the products they sell and why they choose to participate in the Aspen Saturday Market.

saturday market 

ACRA: Why do you sell your products at the Aspen Saturday Market?

Merle Obrien, OlovesM Bags: I love selling at the market because it's a fun place to see friends and meet new people who are visiting for the music festivals, weddings, or just a vacation. The market is also the first place I showed my bags to people and they loved them. It gave me the confidence to start my business and grow it.

ACRA: How is the Aspen Saturday Market different from other farmers markets?

Julie Williams, Leaf People Skin Care: The variety of items. Our market really spans so many different types of food and crafts that there is always something for everyone. And the views! How many Farmer's Markets are in such a beautiful place?

ACRA: Tell us about what you sell at the market.

Jess Bates, Hayes Silver & Goldsmithing: I make silver belt buckles, as well as silver and gold Aspen Leaf jewelry. My business was started in Aspen by my father in 1949 and is one of Aspen's oldest brands. I make everything in my Aspen workshop and my jewelry has special meaning for the local community. When you wear Hayes Silver & Goldsmithing pieces you are part of local ski culture, the Rocky Mountains, our eclectic history, and our town, Aspen.

ACRA: What do you think the Aspen Saturday Market provides for the town of Aspen, its residents, and its visitors?  

Rebecca, Red Mountain Naturals: The market offers a down-to-earth casual feeling that balances out the glitzier side of Aspen. It showcases some very fine artisans in a casual setting that encourages everyone to relax, slow down, and enjoy. I think it helps visitors to experience the side of Aspen that comes with knowing your neighbors and the community.

Other vendors include: Ruth's Toffee, Local Lindsey's apparel and bags, Random WeaverDonna Causland CeramicsThai 2 Go and so many more! Meet these vendors and more at the Aspen Saturday Market every Saturday during the summer through October 11 from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.!

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