Tag Responsibly, Take the Aspen Pledge

Tag Responsibly, Take the Aspen Pledge
Geotag responsibly and join our new initiative in helping to keep Aspen beautiful for years to come! 
We have developed a new way for social media users to geographically tag their nature photos in an effort to preserve Aspen’s iconic and pristine natural beauty. Visitors and locals are encouraged to embrace this new geotag, which has been developed in an effort to reduce human impact on Aspen’s landscape. Geo-tagging social media photos responsibly will support our efforts to keep Aspen’s natural beauty intact for future generations to come. Overcrowding, trail damage, litter, and encroachment on native species are threatening our landscape, putting both people and animals at risk. Social media, while a great way to share experiences with your friends, is also driving more and more people to flock to places which are unable to support the rise in traffic.
Our new ‘Tag Responsibly’ campaign ties into existing sustainable tourism initiatives including the ‘Aspen Pledge’ and ‘How to Aspen’ video campaign. Our Aspen Pledge is an initiative with positive messages on how to visit and recreate responsibly. We encourage everyone to take the Aspen Pledge and to be responsible stewards of our land. How to Aspen is Aspen’s resource for visitors seeking local tips on the dos and don’ts when visiting Aspen. 
The Aspen Pledge was implemented as ACRA was seeing impacts from visitors and locals disrespecting the town, wildlife, and wilderness rules, as well as an increase in backcountry accidents and deaths. It made sense to implement a campaign designed to educate new residents and visitors on how to enjoy our natural assets in a sustainable and meaningful way.
Take our Aspen Pledge and commit to be a responsible visitor.
Social Media users are encouraged to use an alternative, generic location tag while still sharing the beauty of Aspen: “Tag Responsibly, Take the Aspen Pledge”.
This tag will appear on general nature shots, backcountry recreation, and lesser known sites instead of a specified location on all @AspenCo social posts. Iconic Aspen spots such as Independence Pass, Maroon Bells, and Aspen Mountain can still be geotagged with their specific location. The use of this tag lets you share your Aspen experiences while helping to preserve attractions. In choosing to tag responsibly, users are supporting the sustainably-minded culture of Aspen and helping Aspen continue to defy ordinary for years to come.
Confused on when to use the geotag? Here are some guidelines on when  “Tag Responsibly, Take the Aspen Pledge” should be used: 
  1. Instead of geotagging lesser known, specific locations, use the geotag: “Tag Responsibly, Take the Aspen Pledge”.
  2. The Tag Responsibly geotag applies to lesser known nature and wildlife photos that are more vulnerable to overcrowding. More iconic Aspen locations are okay to geotag specifically. Here are a few examples of when to use and not use our tag:
    1. Okay to tag specifically “Independence Pass”, use “Tag Responsibly, Take the Aspen Pledge” for surrounding trails such as Lost Man Loop.
    2. Okay to tag specifically “Smuggler Mountain”, use “Tag Responsibly, Take the Aspen Pledge” for less populated trails such as Cathedral Lake Trail or Sunnyside.
    3. Okay to tag specifically “Maroon Bells”, use “Tag Responsibly, take the Aspen Pledge” for Crater Lake and Willow Lake Trail.
    4. Okay to tag specifically “Aspen Mountain”, “Aspen Highlands” & “Buttermilk” but keep shrines, powder stashes and backcountry skiing as “Tag Responsibly, Take the Aspen Pledge”.
    5. Okay to tag all downtown restaurants, shops and parks to their specific locations
  3. The tag can also be used on Instagram Stories when showing all of your Aspen adventures to your friends! 
  4. Be mindful of what you share on social media; always portray safe practices like staying on the trail and refraining from approaching wildlife.
  5. Take our full Aspen Pledge here
Tag us on Instagram @AspenCo when you use the geotag for a chance to be reposted! 
More information on how Aspen commits to being a leader in environmental stewardship. 

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