Tips for Staying Productive While Working From Home


While the unprecedented situation of the COVID-19 continues to roll out and many employees are now working from their own homes, we want to ensure everyone is set up for success with these helpful tips on working remotely. Here are a few ways to stay productive while maintaining your mental and physical health.  



1. Stick to a set schedule. Treat any workday like you normally would and stick to your usual routine. This means maintaining a morning workout, eating breakfast at your usual time, getting dressed for the day, etc. Whatever it may be, it’s important to stay in the same mindset you would before any typical day.

2. Get dressed for the day. Yes, this means changing out of those sweats and PJs for the day. Dressing like you typically would for work motivates and sets you up for success during the day. Look good, feel good.

3. Set specific work hours. While it’s easy to constantly be checking your email and working past hours you normally would, try to set a hard-stop at the end of the day. This goes for starting work as well, enforcing a strict start and stop time will encourage you to work when you are most productive and also create a healthy balance for when it’s time to disconnect.

4. Get outside. Wherever you choose to work from inside your house, take some time for yourself to get a change of scenery with a 20-minute walk outside. This will help give you a reset and avoid any cabin fever that may come with staying indoors for large chunks of the day. Some good Aspen options are the Rio Grande Trail or the East of Aspen trail.

5. Eat healthy meals and snacks. The saying “feed your brain” holds true, especially in working remote situations. Research has shown that nourishing your body with healthy food and snack-breaks can increase productivity and give you that extra midday motivation. See our list of local restaurants delivering healthy food in Aspen.

6. Remove yourself from distractions. While it’s easy when working from your living room to have the TV on in the background, stick to focusing solely on your work now so you can enjoy TV later. If you need background noise, music is a great alternative.  Try Aspen Music Festival and School’s classical music playlist. The soothing playlist includes pieces by Mozart, Bach, Poulenc and more.

7. Destress with a podcast. Get advice from experts on different podcast playlists that go over various topics on operating out of your home. The playlists cover everything from working from home to activities for kids and overcoming anxiety. View the full list here.  

8. Trust your team. Each person on your team is there for a reason, and it’s important to trust that they are still someone you can count on while working remote. Check-in regularly, communicate what may or may not be working, be aware of each other’s schedules and continue working together in an effective manner.  

9. Stay positive. Although this situation is unusual, it’s crucial for a multitude of reasons to stay positive. Meditate, journal, exercise, call a friend, or whatever you need to do during the day to keep an optimistic attitude. To help with stress, try a virtual yoga class led by Aspen Shakti here, Thug Yoga here, and O2 Aspen here



For more COVID-19 resources please click here.

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