Top Photo Spots in Aspen as Stunning as the Maroon Bells.


While the Maroon Bells is undoubtedly a breathtaking attraction in Aspen, many visitors are unaware of equally jaw-dropping locations to capture that perfect photo. Beat the crowds and impress your followers with these alternative, yet still gorgeous, Aspen locations.


  1. Sunnyside Trail- The perfect hike to not only get your workout in, but to also capture that envy-worthy photo on your trip to Aspen. With wildflower meadows and stunning views all the way to the top, you can’t go wrong with this local favorite.
  2. Top of the Silver Queen Gondola- Opening on June 12, the Silver Queen Gondola will lead you up 11,212 feet to the peak of Aspen Mountain. The view speaks for itself with unreplicated views of the Roaring Fork Valley. When you’re done capturing your shot you can enjoy various activities such as yoga, disc golf, and kids’ activities- among others.
  3. Red Mountain Road- Drive up Red Mountain Road during sunset for an Instagram shot that’s sure to land you likes in triple digits. Bonus, head to Meat and Cheese and grab a cheese platter and a bottle of wine for the ultimate sunset evening.
  4. Independence Pass- Located 5 miles east of Aspen, Independence Pass leads you up 12,095ft at the summit providing multiple chances for a gorgeous photo-op along the way. You’ll have your choice of backdrop including waterfalls, ice-caves, and miles of nature to enjoy. Aspen is a proud member of Pledge for the Wild supporting responsible tourism in wild places. Independence Pass is one of many wild places in Aspen that provides visitors and locals with access to the beauty and wonder of our natural surroundings. Learn more on how you can donate here.
  5. American Lake- If you’re still craving that lake shot in your photo background, head up American Trail through Aspen ridges and wildflower fields to an emerald green lake. Pack a picnic and enjoy the views found on this top summer hike.


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